Workshops & Retreats

Yoga Brunch

Handmade Almond & Cinnamon Granola Breakfast Pot with Berry Chia Compote and Soya Yogurt

Tofu Scramble ‘Benedict’ with Vegan Hollandaise on Sourdough


Tea, Plant-based milk and Citrus Fruit Infused Water

Hot Brunch

Meditation/Yoga Lunch

Harira Broth


Handmade Falafels Wraps

Fresh Falafels wrapped in Gluten Free Wraps with Hummus, Tabbouleh and Sourkraut



Beetroot & Herb Salad with Toasted Sunflower Seeds and a Maple Vinaigrette 

Sorghum Tabbouleh with Cured Lemon 

Dill Chopped Salad. 



Savoury Walnut Pate 


Batata Hara. 

Crudité Plate 



Prepared Fresh Fruit

Handmade Iced Gingerbread Date Balls 

Hot & Cold Meze

Retreat Dinner

Tamarind & Coconut Dal

Beetroot Poryial

Green Vegetable Thoran

 Curd Vegetable Salad

Steamed Rice 


Mango Chutney, Handmade Lemon Pickle


Rice Vermicelli Kheer pudding

South Indian Thali

In Sanskrit, Bharita means full, green and well nourished.  We are experienced in providing fresh plant-based food for a range of diets and tastes and aim to provide meals that are great for everyone - even those with food intolerance or worried they will miss eating meat/dairy! We take extra care to make sure that everyone is nourished and no-one goes hungry.  The meals are designed so they are not only delicious and indulgent but also digestible and balanced to promote a bliss filled practice for all.