Day Workshop & Day Retreat

We have packaged some inspiration for your workshop or day retreat to help you effortlessly cater for everyone.

These are our most popular packages.

We very happy to design a package tailored for your event, just ask.


Simple Lunch

Package minimum £160

18+ guests £8.50 per guest

Wheat free & suitable for vegans

What's included:

1 freshly prepared salad or 1 soup (subject to kitchen facilities)


Rainbow Crudite & crackers

Simple fresh fruit selection

Handmade Energy Balls or Traybake bites

Free meal for workshop leader/teacher

Free Delivery within 15 miles of NN29

Delivered in disposable containers for you to arrange and serve. 

So you can concentrate on what is important, add onsite prep and service:

1 hour @ £25, 3 hours @ £50 or 4+hr/full day @ £100




Satisfying Selection

Package minimum £185

18 - 34 guests £10 per guest

35+ guests £8.50 per guest

Wheat free & suitable for vegans

What's included:

2 freshly prepared salads or salad and hot item (subject to kitchen facilities)

Hummus + 1 handmade dip or pate

Rainbow Crudite & Crackers

Prepared fresh fruit platter

Handmade Energy ball or Traybake bites

Free meal for workshop leader/teacher

Free Delivery within 15 miles of NN29

Delivered in disposable containers for you to arrange and serve


So you can concentrate on what is important, add onsite prep and service:

1 hour @ £25, 3 hours @ £50 or 4+hr/full day @ £100



Tofu Benny 2.jpg

Premium Brunch or Hot Lunch

Package minimum £200

18+ guests £11.50 per guest

Wheat free & suitable for vegans

What's included:

(subject to kitchen facilities)

Lunch Example:

Fresh Hot main

Fresh Hot sides or Salad

Grain/Potato/Rice Dish

Condiments & Accompaniments

Brunch Example:

Cold brunch item e.g. granola pot

Hot brunch main e.g. tofu benedict


Citrus Water

Free meal for workshop leader/teacher

3 hours prep/service

Disposable containers if required

Free Delivery within 15 miles of NN29



Salad Selection

Freshly prepared and designed to be nourishing and digestible

Fresh Herb Sorghum Tabbouleh with cured lemon

Beetroot & Herb Salad with Toasted Sunflower Seeds and a Maple Vinaigrette

Roasted Roots with Lime & Tahini  

Buckwheat with tart berries and pistachio in pomegranate dressing  

Sweet vegetables and toasted seeds in red pepper dressing

Roasted cauliflower with pistachio and pomegranate

Roasted summer vegetables in balsamic vinegar

Sliced tomato, basil and olive salad 

Soup Selection

Delivered for you to heat, or we can do that for you

Harira - Tomato and green lentils slowly simmered in stock flavoured with spices and fresh herbs – nourishing and restorative.  

Red Lentil and Carrot Soup – grounding and soothing  

Carrot & Coriander – light and cooling  

Soup au Pistou – French vegetable and cannellini bean soup finished with garlic and basil pistou – light and bright.

Dip Selection

In addition to Hummus we can make these fresh for you

Savoury ‘faux gras’ pate  

Tangy Beetroot, walnut and fresh herb pate

Dairy Free Tzatziki

Mushroom & Walnut savoury pate

Tomato Salsa

Herbed Cashew Cheese

Energy Balls & Tray Bake Selection

Something sweet? Handmade freshly for you

Energy/Bliss Balls


Almond & Chocolate

Chocolate Cherry

Lemon & Coconut

Traybake Bites

Double Chocolate & Cherry Tiffin

Carrot Cake

Lemon Cake


Hot Food Inspiration

We can make a wide range of hot meals - these are just some suggestions

Indian Meal Example 

Coconut & Tamarind Dal, Green Veg Thoran, Beetroot Poryial, Vegetable & Curd Salad, Handmade Lemon Pickle, Mango Chutney, Rice, Popadum, Almond Kheer for dessert.

Indian 'Street Food' lunch: Marinated Tofu Skewers or Kati rolls, Handmade Pakora Chaat, Bhel Puri and Carrot Halva

Other Examples:

Caribbean Curry, Rice & Peas, Fried Plantain, Salad

Handmade Black bean Burgers, Cajun Corn Salad, Dill Slaw, Spiced Wedges

Butternut Squash Kibbeh Pie with Moroccan spiced roasted vegetables and potatoes.

all meals can be finished with prepared fruit or handmade sweet as required.

Brunch Inspiration

Yoga Brunch? whatever the reason, here is some inspiration

Select 1 from the Hot ideas and 1 from ‘Starters & Accompaniments’ for a 2 course brunch - alternatively select the pancake or cold continental brunch.

Hot ideas

Potato Hash - variations

smoked tofu, sweet pimenton, green pepper

tamarind & spice potatoes with pumpkin and green bean

new potato asparagus & pea (seasonal)


Chachouka - Mildly spiced and deeply flavourful slow cooked red pepper and onion served with zesty accompaniments, guacamole, Tahini, roasted potatoes


South Indian - Dosa (lentil pancakes) filled with Masala Potatoes and Tofu,  Served with Vegetable Sambar (light dal) and Chutney Chai Tea (leaf tea infused with warming spices) 


Spiced Oat - Overnight Pinhead Oat Porridge Choice of Spiced Apple, ‘Pumpkin Pie’, ‘Mulled Berries’ toppings Pumpkin Scones and vegan spread Sweet Fresh Ginger Infusion


Haggis - Vegan Haggis, ‘Neeps & Tatties’ Hash, Sweet Potato ‘Tattie Scone’, Vegan butter 

'Ayurvedic' - Freshly cooked vegetable kitchari (mildly spiced rice and lentils) fresh ground tumeric or chai Latte (fresh spices infused in non-dairy milk) 

Full English - Tofu Scramble, Vegan sausage with Mushroom, Roasted Tomato, Hash Browns & Vegan Spread 

Burrito Variations

warm foil-wrapped burrito (one per guest)

‘Full English’ Brunch Burrito – ‘Plain’ Scrambled Tofu, Mushroom, Roasted Tomatoes, Spinach in a flour tortilla

‘Tex Mex’ Brunch Burrito – Scrambled Tofu and vegetables seasoned with cumin, lime and coriander in a flour tortilla. Accompanied by salsa and guacamole

‘Full Mexican’ Burrito – Seasoned Black bean and Rice in a flour tortilla with fresh herbs, salsa and guacamole in flour tortilla. 

Brunch Starters & Accompaniments 
Handmade Granola (including coconut, nuts, seeds and spices)

Yogurt & Fresh Seasonal Fruit

Bread & Spread Selection

Handmade Scones & Spread

Banana bread & Spread 

Pancake Brunch

Stacks of warm American Style Pancakes with a buffet of accompaniments for guests to create their own perfect brunch: Fresh Summer Fruit Selection, Nut Butter, Fruit Jam, Maple Syrup, Coconut ‘honey’ Handmade Tahini based alternative to ‘Chocolate Spread’ 

Cold Continental

Sliced Banana bread (with all the toppings – you need to tell us what you like with Banana Bread) Handmade Granola or Overnight Oats Fruit Compote Vanilla Chia Pudding Prepared Seasonal Fresh Fruit Soya Yogurt Sourdough or Wheat Free Bread Spreads Selection Fruit Juice